Why Does He Do What He Does

That is, what charges the financial director with that energy? Perhaps, guide by such a list, HRs could more successfully close the vacancies of the financial director. But, of course, it will only work if the employee or the candidate has the necessary hard skills. *read more about behavioral and motivational characteristics in the article Once again, I would like to compare “hard” and “soft” skills, only in a different aspect. It is known that the requirements for professional skills hard skills change over time.

How Quickly Do The Requirements

Do they change at all ? Indee, soft skills are quite stable. After all, work on the development of even one personal quality is quite difficult. It takes a lot of time and perseverance. Therefore, the requirements for the “flexible” skills of employees Bolivia WhatsApp Number List change in exceptional cases when the set of tasks, their level or team changes. It would not be superfluous to recall such a pattern the higher the position of a specialist, the greater the requirements for the level of his soft skills.

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Requests For Soft Skills Change

Usually, if there is a nee to develop certain “flexible skills” of an employee, then no more than 3 characteristics per year are selecte for BJ Leads this purpose. If someone increases this figure, such a task will not be achieve with a very high probability. After all, changing your habits, character is a very hard work. *read more about the requirements for soft skills of financial specialists in the article soft skills with hard skills.


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