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They can be truthful, or they can be the result of resentment at the adequate and logical behavior of the management, but for some reason not to the satisfaction of the employee. To change the opinion about the enterprise, it is necessary to give feeback on all comments. Otherwise, Internet users will have a one-side opinion. 2. Formation of a company portrait Polling candidates will also help determine what qualities are most attractive to the majority. Base on the answers and the formulate mission of the company.

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Employee that is suitable for the team. 3. Correlation of expectations of employees and candidates with real working conditions There should be no ambiguities in vacancies on job sites, which are reveale only when a person enters a new Bangladesh WhatsApp Number List workplace. in the announce position will perform not only direct functional duties, you nee to let him know about this before he starts work. The discrepancy between the image of the company and reality reuces all steps to promote an external HR brand to zero.

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A Portrait Of The Desire

Informal channels of communication are very strong today. If you don’t keep your promises, you will not only lose a new employee, but will also BJ Leads constantly work on the second stage of building an external HR brand mentione above – endlessly “cleaning up” negative reviews on thematic forums. How do companies become special? Examples of HR branding How do companies become special.


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