What is branding and how to apply it in an SME

Brand marketing, branding, brand strategy… in addition to practically synonymous terms, they are practically unknown territories for SMEs. For a small company, marketing, and even more so if it is digital, is synonymous with sales. If I invest X, I want to get at least X +1%. Something that all of us who are dedicated to marketing know is not a reality, and even less so if we only launch sales campaigns and punctually as most companies do. With this context or that of a company that is somewhat more mature in marketing, how do you convince an SME that doing brand marketing is important for your company? For me the steps would be: Explain well what branding is and what it is for Show you data that convinces you.

What is branding and what is it for an SME?

When I talked about brand positioning on this blog a few years ago , I defined it as: “The representation of the tangible and intangible values ​​that the company provides through its brand” What does branding mean for an SME? But to explain it in a simpler way, I think it is better category email list understood if we talk about brand marketing. That is, how we apply it to reality. I could say that for an SME branding is: What is brand marketing or brand marketing? Talk about the company’s history with your audience I think this is the simplest way to define it. If we add some details we could say: Make known the values ​​and attributes of the company.

What benefits does branding have for an SME?

Okay, this all makes a lot of sense. But I, who am responsible for an SME, how and why should I use brand marketing in my company? What advantages does branding have for a small company? Many factors intervene in the sale of a product or service beyond those directly related to what we sell. There are related factors such as service or logistics, but others equally or more BJ Leads important that end up reinforcing the trust that we must generate to achieve the sale . One of the pillars of this generation of trust is in the connection and brand memory that we create with our audience through our brand strategy. To get sales: Our customers should receive a combination of brand and product messages before deciding to buy it

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