The metaphor of the buffalo and the cow

How do we act when faced with problems? What is our instinctive reaction? Try to avoid them, right? The downside is that when we do this, the situation is not solved. We only postpone the problem . It’s human, it’s something we usually do on many occasions. Personally it has happened to me on many occasions. With small tasks that I’m too lazy to do or with big decisions. Fear or lack of confidence is one of our great crosses. There is a metaphor that deals with this topic and that I loved. The metaphor of the buffalo and the cow The metaphor of buffaloes and cows Both cows and buffaloes can sense when storms are approaching. The cows’ reaction is to flee from the storm. They are afraid of lightning and don’t want to get wet. However, the buffaloes do the opposite, they go towards the storm.

Learnings from the metaphor of buffaloes and cows

It seems that the best option is to be like buffaloes. But that doesn’t mean we should jump at the problem without thinking. Sometimes excess courage can play industry email list tricks on us and lead us to make big mistakes. In these situations the smart option is to look for an alternative route to find the solution. This does not mean that you have become a cow, you are simply a smart buffalo who braves the storm, but choose a path that does not make you fall off a cliff. What we must keep in mind when faced with problems is that they are solved when we face them, not by avoiding them.

Brand strategies for an SME

I recently talked about the best digital marketing strategy for SMEs , and reflecting on this and the brand, I think the most appropriate points to start would be (there are many other options, but I am focusing on those that are most at hand for a BJ Leads first approach ): content : in the broadest sense of the term. This is the answer to many of the needs of an SME in terms of digital marketing. It represents the best combination for almost any objective (given the circumstances of an SME). The differential characteristic when we talk about branding and content is that its approach will be very different from what the company is used to. He will talk about ideas, approaches, values, 

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