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In addition, we are already planning the working scheules of retailers base on the assessment of the accumulate data and forecasting the attendance of each store. Thanks to the implementation of such a solution, it was possible, on the one hand, to improve the quality of service due to a more rational reistribution of employees among MTS stores, on the other hand, to reuce the total working time fund of the retail network by 15%. In addition to such solutions.

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We saw, for example, how to analyze the success of sales managers, employees are segmente into groups and behavior patterns of top sellers are identifie who they communicate with, how they work, how much time they spend in instant Belgium WhatsApp Number List messengers and in telephone conversations, what data is being analyze. Base on this, they form a profile of a successful seller, a development program for the rest of the employees, and also recruit new, missing team competencies.

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All These Are Just Some Examples

Of the use of Big Data in HR. But the main thing is that we see how transforming the HR function from back office to analytical, using the entire array of data about employees and candidates and building preictive models of team behavior. An interesting trend, but perhaps still far away for us. Many Russian companies face the issue BJ Leads of basic process automation. HR managers use familiar technologies like Excel for statistics and reporting. Lost data, manual labor, useless efforts to generate reports that make it difficult to make operational business decisions. But very soon it will become obvious to everyone that at least for large businesses.


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