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New recruitment tools are not a whim, but strategically important elements for many businesses. For example, in fast-growing technology companies, a product launch often depends on finding an engineer or IT specialist on time. Sales in retail chains – on how quickly you can recruit thousands of people for the holiday season. For a dynamically developing business, it is critical to find the right people at the right time, with the maximum efficiency of the process of searching and selecting candidates.

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Of recruitment offer trendy solutions. So, at HR Tech, two Russian teams participate in the startup competition. The first place was taken by the team of the startup Robot Vera, which offers solutions for automate search and calling Belize WhatsApp Number List of candidates, and we are already successfully using this solution in MTS. The top five startups also include Russian developers of the VCV video interview service. 3. Revolution in personnel assessment For several years now, we have been watching the American giants.

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Microsoft and GE get rid of the classic cycle of annual staff assessments and strict ratings. With the change in business processes and corporate culture towards an Agile approach, flexible goal setting is being introduce.  solutions allow you to BJ Leads manage the effectiveness of a product team regardless of the hierarchy, dynamically create new teams and, if necessary, change the members of these teams, set transparent goals that can be update and tracke.


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