To be able to do these things requires large

amounts of data, which will later be used as a knowledge base so that the system can learn better. In this process, artificial intelligence will learn to enrich its own knowledge independently. It studies the user experience when using a system. Additionally, he is programmed to correct himself when he makes a mistake. Broadly speaking, AI can do one of four things. Humanization, where the system behaves like a human being. Think humanely, the system can think like a human being. Think Rational, the system can think rationally. Act Rational, the system can act rationally. So, what is an AI expert? To quote, an AI specialist is a computer programming expert who, among other things, checks hypotheses. The purpose of examining this hypothesis is to test how the human mind functions through cognitive simulation.

Facial recognition technology

For example, AI experts develop AI-based security systems such as facial recognition. Facial recognition technology helps humans find someone’s identity. Artificial intelligence will recognize faces the same way the human brain does when it recognizes faces. It is the job of AI experts to develop this system. Why an AI expert? According to research titled the 2020 Emerging ws data Jobs Report, hiring trends for artificial intelligence specialist positions have grown 74% over the past 4 years. Artificial intelligence experts were named the number one emerging profession in the United States in 2020. In Indonesia, artificial intelligence experts also ranked first. This is because automation changes the way people live and work every day. The position of Artificial Intelligence Specialist is highly sought-after, so the salary for this position can be as high as IDR 1.9 billion (Kompas) per year in the United States.

Artificial Intelligence Professional Skills

In order to have the hard skills of an artificial intelligence expert, you must master multiple programming languages and have a working background as a systems analyst and sufficient programming skills. Then, you also need to master the fields of data science, artificial  intelligence/machine learning, and understand system design to develop artificial intelligence systems.You should BJ Leads also have a master’s degree in computer science/STEM. So what if you only have a bachelor’s degree? Rest assured, you can still get that entry-level job. DevOps Engineer What is a DevOps engineer? When building a system or fixing bugs, there are usually two teams involved, the development team (programmers) who are responsible for coding and the operations team (system administrators) who are responsible for how the deployment works well for users. Unfortunately, however, there are often differences in how the two teams work.

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