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When a professional can demonstrate things like these, he could sell himself as a CM or as a social media consultant. This is not going to promise things that cannot be fulfilled later. It is not coherent to promise thousands of followers or how to create strategies to sell more on social networks, if you later enter the profiles of those people and see that they do not even reach 1000 followers. Or that they haven’t made a tweet in more than 6 months. Where is the credibility of that professional? Ok, I know you may think that to be good at something you don’t have to apply it to your projects. But somewhere you had to apply and experiment your knowledge, right? Or did we learn to be CM just by art and magic.

Good Personal 

For example, now it is fashionable to sell you email contact list strategies to get thousands of followers on Instagram . Then you look at the profile of those people who promise you those results and half of their followers are “fake”. Do you really believe in what they sell? And look, many are people who are Influencers on IG. If you want to see for yourself, I recommend that you look at the quality of the followers of who you want, with this tool:  Now draw the conclusions you want.

email contact list

Start by enhancing

Being a professional is not going to promise wonders. It’s about being BJ Leads honest with people and making sure that what you sell is real and true . Well, something similar happens with the topic of personal branding. A professional cannot say that he is going to give you mentoring or personal brand advice if that person has not worked on his. How can he sell you something that he has not practiced even with his own brand? Because he learned from the books of Andrés Pérez Ortega .


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