The DevOps Engineer is responsible

For the process of designing, developing, and creating solutions to problems that frequently arise between development and operations teams. Why Choose DevOps Engineer . DevOps practice started in 2007 with Patrick Debois (Development Consultant) aiming to learn all aspects of IT. He was disturbed by the differences in how development and operations teams worked. Patrick then met with Andrew Shafer and began agile systems management. DevOps Engineer Jobs In 2010, discussions about DevOps began to trend around the world as the hashtag #DevOpsDays appeared on social media.

So why do you need DevOps engineers

According to data from the Linkedin Indonesia . Emerging Jobs Report 2020, DevOps Engineer is one of the most in-demand and promising careers. You can get career opportunities in this field simply by meeting the requirements and skills required by the company ws database through job postings. DevOps Engineer Skills To become a DevOps engineer, you need to know some of the skills required to perform this role. These skills include server-side programming languages, AWS, Agile, SDLC, DevOps, Kubernetes, Docker, scripting, Jenkins, and Linux. This skills request is based on a job posting from LogisFleet, a company currently looking for DevOps engineering staff. The role of a cloud architect is to handle nearly all cloud technologies, from creating policies, deploying applications, monitoring cloud activity, to designing and migrating applications to cloud storage networks. He worked as a technical director and became a management professional.

Why choose a cloud architect

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According to the World Economic Forum’s 2020 survey .   Cloud architects are listed BJ Leads among the 10 most desirable jobs in 2022, with salary ranges ranging from $125,250 to $180,500. Interesting, right? Cloud architect skills To become a cloud architect .   . Interpersonal, management, and leadership skills.  Most importantly, you must have knowledge about the IT ecosystem.

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