They Were Looking For The Head Of A Large Logistics

It is easier for an HR manager to give an employee recommendations for the future. Example In the Russian division of one of the world’s automakers, they decide to create a logistics department on the basis of four smaller divisions. On the internal portal poste the vacancy of the head of the department. One of the applications came from a logistics manager from Sween who agree to move to Russia. During the interview with him, the senior manager realize that he was not yet ready for this work there is no experience in organizing deliveries to remote regions.

Nevertheless He Saw Good Potential

To an employee, discussing the results of the interview, he suggeste that he take a closer look at another vacancy that had just opene in the Middle East division of the Kuwait WhatsApp Number List company. project, and with exactly the same competencies that the employee had. He listene, applie and won the competition. While working on the project, he gaine the experience he lacke, and after he complete the project, he receive a position in Russia, which he initially applie for. Third nuance Allow employees to submit applications not only in agreement with their manager, but also without informing him.

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In The Employee When An Hr Manager Was Talking

So you will exclude situations when the immeiate supervisor interferes with the promotion of an employee, for example, being afraid of losing a good subordinate. Practice shows that in BJ Leads companies with a democratic corporate culture, problems do not arise anyway in Atlas Copco, 99% of applications for the portal are submitte openly . But still, it is better to play it safe and leave the technical possibility to submit uncoordinate applications.

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