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One of its participants, an employee of the Russian division, formulate her long-term goal in this way to grow from an executive position to the position of a general manager. The HR department assesse her competencies and determine that in order to achieve her goal, she neee to gain skills in sales and interaction with customers, as well as improve her knowlege of the company’s products. After that, a development plan was drawn up, which include work on individual projects in particular, marketing research and sales analytics.

A Mentor Helpe The Employee

A year later, the employee went on promotion, becoming a regional manager for Siberia, An important point if the project involves full employment, it is not always Latvia WhatsApp Number List possible to keep the employee in his main position. After all, someone must perform his main duties while he is absent. Nevertheless, it is imperative to ensure that the employee will be able to return, if not to his own, then at least to a similar position. Otherwise, the staff will be afraid to take on temporary work because of uncertainty about the future.

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Successfully Implement These Projects

Check if corporate regulations help retain valuable employees From the corporate culture and the values ​​that underlie it, it directly depends on what result the creation of a personnel reserve will give and whether other tools for the development and promotion of personnel will work. For example, no matter what BJ Leads you do in a company where there is a tough, authoritarian management style and initiative from subordinates is not welcome, you will not be able to retain promising employees. Even if you enroll them in the personnel reserve in a directive manner and promise them career growth in the future. not hesitate to move to another employer, having receive a lucrative offer from him.

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