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It is difficult to imagine how an accountant will excee the plan. The only thing that can affect the size of the variable part of payments is the mistakes he makes. A similar model can be use in production, where production rates are determine by the technical process or equipment characteristics – the caster, with all his desire, will not increase the amount of steel smelte in open-hearth.” If the employee does not make mistakes or marriage, then he is monthly charge a constant bonus, usually a percentage of the salary. This is the reward for current activities. As a rule, employees perceive these payments as an integral part of the salary.

It Is A Paradox But Bonuses

Of penalty system prohibite by the Labor Code. “Before the introduction of a bonus system base on the management by objectives methodology, we paid bonuses only for the fact that a person went to work and did not violate the rules,” says Vasily Murashov, head of the human resources Finland WhatsApp Number List management department of Svyazinvest OJSC. until the premium is completely withdrawn. “Any decrease in the level of the permanent part of wages means a deterioration in the position of the employee, which is contrary to labor legislation,” says Dmitry Goltweger. to people who receive only a salary.

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But if a variable part appears in the salary structure. The bonus deuction tool starts to work.” Premium Options The most obvious bonus scheme is the project one BJ Leads after the completion of the work. The agree amount is paid. Its prototype was develope back in Soviet times and was calle lump-sum wages. Our bonus system includes a component paid for additional tasks,” says Igor Dudnik. Administrative director of the Rusimport group of companies. 


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