Here The Company Went The Other Way

Naturally, our hero did not immeiately understand what had happene. And what was the reason. He began to find out, and privately somewhere on the sidelines. He was told that the reason was the placement of a resume. Kirill was indignant, said that he could neither be reuce nor fire for this, and refuse to leave. and simply raise the sales plan. It was impossible to fulfill it, because it was deliberately raise to a completely unrealistic level in the change economic conditions in the country.

Kirill Sat For Several Months

Eventually left on his own. What can be done. Do not look for a new job if you are not ready for it. And further It must be understood that dismissal in Russia quite often Egypt WhatsApp Number List means that a person is not fire. But force to quit. In many ways, this is a purely economic issue. It is quite difficult to dismiss a person according to the Labor Code in our country – it is necessary to create different commissions, and this is all long, complicate and dreary. No one wants to deal with smart layoffs, plus there’s a good risk of getting sue by the person who got fire.

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On A Bare Salary And Even With Fines

The story is similar with the dismissal by agreement of the parties they don’t want this. Because they will have to pay three or four salaries. What is the result. That’s right – a person is brought to dismissal by psychological or some other pressure. And he leaves BJ Leads on his own. Is it correct? Of course not. Bringing an employee to a state where the world is not nice to him. And he is ready to leave without a salary at all. The main thing is that they don’t touch him anymore – it’s wrong and, in general, in a good way, should be punishe.


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