Russian Manufacturers Of Baby Food Is Thinking

The traditional form of such payments is the so-calle thirteenth salary, issue at the end of the year,” says Natalya Sudina, an expert at ECOPSY Consulting. “It is difficult to explain why exactly employees receive this money, but they have long become familiar.” Finally, if a company stakes on the development of certain areas, special premium incentives appear. “For example, one of the largest about increasing production efficiency,” says Natalia Sudina, “and plans to introduce an additional component into the corporate system of variable payments.

Of Rationalization Proposals

The main thing when introducing such bonuses,” says Dmitry Goltweger, “is not to break production planning and payroll planning. In my practice, there was an original case one of the enterprises paid bonuses for saving electricity. And they were much higher than the savings effect.” Target premiums France WhatsApp Number List Target premiums Pay for Performance is the title of one of the best-known guides to pay systems in the Unite States of America, eite by Peter Chingos, head of the New York office of Mercer Human Resource Consulting.

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Annual Bonuses For The Implementation

Despite the variety of approaches to bonus systems, the variable part of wages should primarily stimulate the achievement of certain targets, the fulfillment and overfulfillment of plans,” the experts have no doubt. The advantage of this type of incentive is flexibility. For example, if one BJ Leads of the company’s activities does not meet the require level, it is enough to simply set another planne task for employees, on the completion of which the size of the bonus will depend.


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