The Recruiter Gives Test Tasks Before Meeting

it happene to me. But you can always call the candidate back, ask him to wait a bit and organize tea and coffee, a brochure about the company, while waiting. Test There is a story among candidates about companies that give tests in order not to do the work themselves. My friends also face such situations. I won’t discuss companies that do their jobs through the hands of candidates. I want to talk about mistakes. Recruiter gives too much test task Mistake . The recruiter gives too much test task We all know that the test task comes up with managers. But the recruiter is the person who can make sure that the size of the assignment is adequate.

It Is Rare That Anyone Will Agree

The recruiter does not comment on the test task All candidates perceive information differently. Often a person simply will not complete a test task if it is not clear to him. Or perform it clumsily. There is a caveat here, sometimes the test task assumes that the candidate will do it as he understands, in order to UAE WhatsApp Number List understand the course of his thoughts. But you nee to be aware of this from the start. Mistake . the person in person This does not inspire confidence and some candidates may be eliminate precisely for this reason. Therefore, it is always better to get acquainte with the candidates, and then give them a test task.

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To Perform A Test Task For Days Mistake

This way you will spend a little more time, most likely more people will want to complete it, and leave a more pleasant impression of the recruiting process in the company. It’s all written on your face One of the worst mistakes in my rating. Once I had an interview where the recruiter came right away with the hiring manager. After a few offers, it became clear to everyone that I was not suitable for this role. But, the manager BJ Leads decide to ask me a few more questions. For half an hour, I watche the tire expression on the recruiter’s face. She signale to the manager all the time, and in her eyes the question was read “Why are you wasting your time on her ”. Neeless to say, this company never gave me the promise feeback.


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