The Recruiter Must Select The Best Candidate

Are you ready to sit on the phone talking to candidates for half a day Are you ready for interviews that candidates just don’t get Are you ready to listen to rudeness on the phone In addition, I have come across hiring managers who did their own interviews and made far worse gaffes. For example, candidates were aske about their “dirty dees”. And they were denie because of the mismatch of horoscopes. Why interviews are ineffective, or recruiters are people too May , The interview process is a typical negotiation in which each side is trying to get their way. and the applicant must present and “sell” himself at a higher price.

How Then To Reuce

Of suitable candidates on the staff According to Marcel Schwantes Director of Leadership From the Core , of people lie in interviews. But many companies still use interviews as the main tool for selecting specialists for the staff. By formulating their requirements and questions, employers UK WhatsApp Number List themselves create the conditions for people to lie. A kind of “nice guy” effect is triggere – the candidate anticipates the desire answers to questions and answers them in such a way as to please and get the job. But not only does the recruiter HR manager get the desire answers, he gets impresse by the external data of the candidates. Sometimes very far from an objective assessment.

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The Probability Of Having Good Actors Instead

Free master class We recommend watching a free master class Big Hunt How to Work with Passive Candidates or Effective Hunting Techniques Why does appearance deceive HR and who is to blame Social psychologist and author Ron Frieman says the brain is to blame. After all, HRs are BJ Leads  people too. And the human brain tends to attribute a lot of talent, intelligence, and skill to good-looking people. Tall candidates are creite with leadership qualities, while those with a low, deep voice are more likely to be truste and considere whole individuals.


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