They Studie Them And Decide To Invite A Candidate

His Financial Competencies were a few points lower, but his personal qualities were the deciding factor for hiring a payroll accountant. Selection of the best candidate Selection of the best candidate We provide the management of the customer company with the test results and detaile reviews of all candidates. for the position of an accountant to the salary section, who was in second place according to special testing, but came up on a personality type test. Thus, in just ten days of work on the selection of candidates, the customer company manage to select the most suitable specialist for the position of payroll accountant.

A Psychological Test In Addition

A correctly selecte test and clearly define requirements for the specialist’s competencies made it possible to quickly find the best candidate for the company. Why the recruiter is wrong May , As part of the upcoming summer marathon of master classes for HR managers, we present material from Turkey WhatsApp Number List the personal blog of career consultant and HR fairy Tatyana Voloshina. In June, she will open the marathon with the theme “ Career counseling in the work of an HR manager ”. To pass the time, read her notes and recommendations on the dark side of the job of a recruiter, base on personal experience.

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Using Special Test From The Service

Three things can be observe indefinitely how water flows, how fire burns, and how a professional recruiter conducts an interview. About professional recruiters will be at the end of this article. In the meantime, let’s talk about unprofessional behavior that spoils the opinion of both the recruiter BJ Leads and the company. In my article, I want to give examples of situations where unprofessional behavior of a recruiter can cost a company’s reputation. I am sure that this note can cause a wave of objections. However, sometimes it is worth looking at yourself from the outside in order to understand what mistakes you should not make.

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