The Last 3 Characteristics Are Motivational

To a greater extent, blue, that is, analytical, logical, more thinking with their heads than with images and emotions. And re is the color of perseverance, organization, maybe even pressure, aggression to some extent.” Motivational characteristics Motivational characteristic. What charges the financial director with that energy? Why does he do what he does? So let’s get starte. Traditional. The CFO lives by certain principles base on proven systems. Despite even the necessary creativity, when it becomes necessary to build some kind of ingenious scheme.

He Remembers The Traditions

The people of the system. They are very fond of principles, rules. Maybe even some religiosity. For them, method and principle are sacre. Utility. The CFO wants to get a return on what he has investe time, knowlege or money. The Americans Cambodia WhatsApp Number List call this “return of investment”. Such people are very, very pragmatic. “Very often they do not give an extra penny to their employees who come to them to ask for money,” Vasily says. – And why? Not because they are so harmful, but because they want to understand what they will get in the end.

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Therefore Financial Directors

That is why the CFO is so love and honore by the CEO.” Theoretical type of outlook. The CFO follows the principle – live a century, learn a century. He must constantly read and develop. In his list of literature there are always a couple of specialize BJ Leads publications or financial Internet resources. We looke at 14 soft skills of a financial director, but this list could be continue. After all, human nature is quite flexible and individual. Even with the seeming similarity of two candidates, their actions under the same conditions can differ significantly.

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