The Foregoing Makes It Clear

We recommend watching a free master class How can an HR manager effectively conduct a staff assessment from theory to practice Soft skills – a force that has been neglecte? If hard skills are highly segmente for each position, then things are different with soft skills. It so happene that HR specialists today use only two sets of soft skills for top managers who must necessarily have managerial qualities and for everyone else. This practice applies not only to candidates, but also to existing employees and is fundamentally wrong. Why.

If You Analyze The Position

Says Vasily , “then you can determine the following personal qualities perseverance, organization, following traditions. Applying this set to the sales director, it becomes clear that a different set of soft skills would be more suitable for this Cameroon WhatsApp Number List position communication skills, creativity, influence.” that financial professionals in different roles must have a unique set of flexible skills. What may be perceive as genius in one position may become a liability in another. Evaluation of specialists on a standard set of soft skills leads to the fact that HRs are chasing universal soldiers.

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For Example Of A Financial Director

The one who has a large set of personal qualities, most often does not shine with any of them. A team consisting of such “middle peasants” is unlikely to be effective. At the same time, evaluating candidates on a universal set of flexible qualities for each BJ Leads position makes it possible to form a successful team of professionals. evaluation of candidates on universal sets of flexible qualities “Can such a team member be in demand who does not like to communicate with this team, who sits at home all the time at a distance, who speaks little.


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