Code review as part of white box testing

black box testing For example, when reviewing a web application, you can record work process, Use a proxy (e.g. z  burp) to observe network traffic from browser to server, ETC. If you want to dive into black-box testing (especially when testing web applications), there are several popular methods you can learn. OWASP Web Application Testing Guide Bug Hunter Methodology oleh Jason Haddix For example, to test whether the authentication process of a certain Web is secure, you can test it in the following.

Then make a new request on the non-public page

using the cookie obtained in step 2 above If the application is vulnerable, you can open a private page on behalf of the user in step 1 above. You can perform this test without reading the code that implements the authentication process. Continuously build system security whatsapp data testing capabilities For developers, a deeper understanding of security can enhance their role and impact. He can minimize security vulnerabilities in the code he writes. In addition to this, it helps other developers use secure APIs. So if you’re wondering “can I know more?”, try to understand the security aspects of the platform you’re using. Security is not static. This is a dynamic field that is constantly evolving.

Do you have any other security testing tips

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