Revolutionize Your Marketing Game

When creating ads on this platform, follow the following steps: Identify your ideal client. If you don’t know who you’re writing for, you’re lost. Identify the desire they may have towards your offer. Go to the file you have created for your ideal client. Define what emotion you want to activate. What do we want to win? What is our objective? Is it a branding campaign.

Human beings have limited attention

Depending on what your objective is, you will have to aim for one category email list emotion or another. Your ad must be understandable, specific and concrete . Never send an abstract message, it has to be very direct. Manage a single big idea. It’s no use listing a bunch of benefits, focus on a single idea and go for it. Human beings have limited attention. Measure Test. A/B testing.

Analyze what objections may appear

Based on real data Other recommendations BJ Leads and Top Tips Eliminate your user’s objections. Put yourself in their shoes and for each situation, analyze what objections may appear. Go ahead and create a solution for each one. ( shipping within 24 hours, returns, etc. ) Repeat the offer in several ways. Take advantage of the descriptive text, the link, the title… all parts of the ad to convey the same idea but using different approaches. Use social proof. Tell an uncomfortable truth about your sector.

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