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It all starte with pop sci-fi movies and then became increibly popular – first with the wild success of games like Pokemon Go, and then with movie industry tricks and even therapy. In the meantime, AR and VR have already made their way into recruiting, with many companies using these technologies to improve candidate engagement practices, create fun quizzes, and show job seekers that they are champions of innovation. Of course, in order to impress candidates, it is not at all necessary to put some stupid helmet on their heads. up a new dimension in recruiting. free master class We recommend watching a free master class Finassessment for HR Tools for Solving.

Eight Companies Have Already

Defie reality and applie new technologies in the hiring process. Jaguar teame up with the Gorillaz virtual group and create a series of exciting recruiting games where the result depends only on the skills of the participant skill-base games . It would seem – what connection does the virtual musical Paraguay WhatsApp Number List group Gorillaz have with recruiting well, except that the Feel Good Inc * corporation may nee new employees Feel Good Inc is the leading hit of the Gorillaz musical project, those intereste can watch the clip . But Jaguar categorically disagrees with this.

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Tactical And Strategic Hr Tasks Meanwhile

The car company has teame up with an enigmatic music band to fill more than a thousand vacancies for electronics engineers and programmers. For this, a free mixe reality application was develope, available on iTunes and Google Play. During the game, the candidates understand in detail the designs BJ Leads of electric vehicles, but at the same time it is require to put together puzzles, sequentially cracking codes. According to a press release from Jaguar, these games test qualities such as curiosity, persistence, non-linear thinking and problem solving.


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