British Army Invites Recruits To Try Tank

At the end of , they decide to experiment with virtual reality and began offering VR helmets to candidates at job fairs to make them feel like an employee, and thus expecte to fill massive vacancies for conductors and electricians. After that, they began to receive – times more applications from the fair, and most importantly, better candidates now dominate the stream. Deutsche Bahn From time to time, Deutsche Bahn came across candidates who were intimidate by what they saw. But this was precisely the hidden advantage – in the first place, the recruiting team save time and money on testing people who would only then realize that they did not want to do such work at all.

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Of the future position and were initially set for success. driving and other VR scenarios After the British Army teste the possibilities of VR at various events in the country, the number of applicants to join the British Arme Forces increase by . Potential recruits were aske to put on the Peru WhatsApp Number List Samsung Gear VR helmet to test themselves in various missions, including tank driving, skydiving and military mountaineering. In addition, they could get a visual experience of combat training. Unite States Navy US Navy By the way, VR technologies are use not only by the British Army.

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The US Navy launche a similar VR project at the end of October last year and also note an increase in the efficiency of recruiting contract soldiers. Intuit invite students to spend days inside their corporate culture. Intuit has an amazing office in Mountain View, California, and a culture BJ Leads that is definitely worth emulating. In the run-up to the Washington State University Design Show, the teams came together and create a presence in the company in just business days. take a peek at the Intuit office The students were excite about the opportunity to look into the office of Intuit. In addition, the company’s consumer loyalty index NPS jumpe from – to during the event.


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