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What it is and how it is useful for HR managers and recruiters, we will explain in this material. free master class We recommend watching a free master class Finassessment for HR Tools for Solving Tactical and Strategic HR Tasks 1.What is proctoring? Proctoring is a system that allows you to monitor the process of testing or taking an exam remotely, online. It includes verification of the test person identity confirmation , as well as observation by the administrator proctor of his behavior and computer screen during the test.

Who Nees Proctoring

Back in 2008, in America, students began to take exams online, using a proctoring system. It was develope by the Proctor U company. Using webcams, the students were monitore in real time by the proctor. He note all the violations Australia WhatsApp Number List during the exam and issue a verdict. A little later, proctoring companies offere to record exams on video. But teachers and students did not want to trust the soulless machine and this program was quickly remove from the market. Relatively recently, some domestic centers for training and advance training have begun to use proctoring.

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For Example Students Of The Aktiv

Financial Academy have been taking exams in this way for several years and receive an international IPFM diploma. Clients of the Finassessment service use proctoring to track the process of passing specialize tests. The service issues BJ Leads certificates confirming professional skills only to those specialists who have been teste under the supervision of a proctor. 4.How does this system work? The classic scheme of the remote test/exam proceure looks like this.

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