The First Stage Of The Project Implementation

which is geare towards practice. Instead of boring theory, students can look at real cases. This allows you to hone the necessary skills without risks for the company. Gamification is often use for this purpose, when a student develops the necessary skills in a playful way. 5. “There are so many people there, it was impossible to pay attention to everyone” Employees should feel supporte, respecte and well informe during the learning process. There is a sense of “strong shoulder” in online learning. At any time, the student can get as much information from the Internet as he nees.

Supplemental Materials And Presentations

Skill games, mobile apps all help develop a skill or learn a new task while the student waits for the next online class. 6. “I want to study online!” I want to study online! It is clearer than a clear day that the employees are EXACTLY ready for Argentina WhatsApp Number List the electronic format. Perhaps due to your prejudices, you are the main opponent of the introduction of online learning in the company. But if the staff demands change, then the time has come for them. The best thing you can do is to analyze the preferences of employees and their level of computer proficiency.

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How Does The Finassessment Service Help

Companies conduct effective online training for staff? In 2017, a large agro-industrial holding turne to the Finassessment service team to organize and conduct step-by-step staff training. consiste in testing 34 financial specialists of the holding. It was carrie out to identify in what areas it is necessary to train employees. In accordance with the BJ Leads results and depending on the functional duties and position, the staff was divide into the following courses 6 people – for CAP courses taxes, management accounting, financial accounting 8 people – for the ACCA DipIFR course rus workshop.


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