What is brand identity

The brand image is the image of the brand, that is, the set of all the specific aspects that define the brand in the eyes of people . In practice it indicates precisely how the public perceives a brand and its products. For this reason, it can be considered as an appendix of the brand identity. Quality, value and reliability reach customers precisely through the brand image. In this sense the image is able to arouse positive sensations and emotions and influence users’ choices .

What is brand image

The brand image arises from subjective perceptions , being linked to the public’s reactions to the peculiarities of the africa email list brand. When it is positive, it manages to bring out the qualities of brands and products, making their uniqueness stand out compared to the competition.

What is brand reputation


In short, brand reputation represents the way in which you present yourself to the public , that is, it highlights all those elements that make your company – or even your product – unique and distinct from others.Be careful, though: this above all means transmitting your identity, what you really are in reality and in particular in your work. Accurately communicating your brand identity is a delicate BJ Leads process. Every aspect can be influenced by the market and current trends, but you must never lose sight of what your company really is . Only then can you tell everyone about it.

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