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Candidates are more open during video interviews. Young candidates who are use to using various gadgets feel more comfortable during interviews. In addition, they appreciate the opportunity not to spend money on the road to get to the interview site. One more example. At Vodafone in the UK, a successful video interview is one of the entry points to an in-person interview. As in the previous case, candidates answer standard questions. But instead of a group of recruiters, a robotic program evaluates the video.

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AI technologies that are popular today. The program analyzes the suitability of the candidate for 15,000 different indicators from body language and facial expressions to intonations of speech. Company benefits Reuce vacancy closing time. AI-assiste Afghanistan WhatsApp Number List video analysis cut the time recruiters spent interviewing applicants in half. Expansion of the circle of candidates. With the help of video interviews, the company was able to attract candidates from geographically distant locations.

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Combine Video Interviews With

This made it possible to find more talente candidates. candidates who were intereste in the vacancy, but were not ready to take a day off from work in order to personally come to the company. The opportunity to assess the soft-skills of employees. Unlike a telephone BJ Leads conversation, a video interview allows you to really get an idea of ​​​​the candidate. In combination with screening software, it was possible to more thoroughly assess the “flexible” skills of applicants.

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