Arranging And Holding A Virtual Meeting

There are many ways to optimize recruiting. But the simplest and most economical is to introduce the practice of video interviews at the stage of initial screening of candidates. Today, almost everyone has gadgets with a video calling function. The rapid development of technology entails an increase in video traffic. According to Cisco estimates, by 2021 its number will be up to 79% of the total traffic. With these numbers in mind, HRM should recognize the benefits of video as a recruiting tool. The practice of video interviews.

The Practice Of Video Interviews Helps

Recruiters save two of their most valuable resources time and money. So, if candidates are locate in several settlements, transportation costs will be reuce to 67%. is much easier than a real one, which helps save time. No one is force to go to the Special Database other end of the city and can “get in touch” from any convenient place. In addition, it has been found that it takes a hiring specialist 90 seconds to form a first impression of a candidate during a video interview by comparison, it takes about 30 minutes to evaluate the interviewee during the first phone call .

Special Database

How Can Video Interviews Improve

The work of HR and recruiters Video recording allows you to keep a record of the conversation and review it repeately in the future. The employer has the opportunity to more deeply analyze the answers of the applicant. Also, if the candidate BJ Leads reaches a personal interview, you can compare his first answers with subsequent ones. Outstanding candidates are better remembere. Interviewers will be able to immeiately associate the appearance of the candidate with his name.

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