Types Of Qualification Assessment Qualification Assessment

The functions of the CSC are designe to perform providing specialists with information about the algorithm and rules for passing an independent assessment performing assessments in accordance with the rules and regulations of professional organizations and standards processing and provision of data on the results of qualification assessment and their transfer to professional organizations for further use issuance of certificates of professional qualification to applicants in case of successful passing the exam. Other proficiency assessment organizations are designe to help professionals confirm competencies, and employers to ascertain.

The Ability Of Staff

To perform work in a particular area. Centers for accountants and auditors In the Russian Feeration, the assessment of the qualifications of accountants and auditors is carrie out in specialize centers. In Ukraine, the proceure for testing specialists is prescribe by a number of regulations, but the ultimate Antigua and Barbuda Email lists goal and format of the test is determine by the management of the employing company. In Kazakhstan, qualifications are confirme by specialize accreite professional organizations – a specialist must pass an exam and receive a certificate of a professional accountant certifying his qualifications.

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The Professionalism Of The Applicant

A candidate for obtaining such a certificate must confirm their knowlege in the following disciplines Accounting in accordance with international financial reporting standards. Taxes and taxation. Civil law. If the proceure and format are not prescribe by law, then the assessment of the qualifications BJ Leads of accountants, as well as other personnel, is divide into methods depending on the goals to be achieve, namely labor assessment personel assessment Qualification assessment can be attribute to the second goal. Accordingly, there are such methods.


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