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The bot independently searche for candidates in all possible sources and evaluate them according to the specifie parameters. Later, the selecte candidate recorde a video interview on the platform and sent it to the employer. Another example of a modern recruitment method is the robot Vera, who has been working for Coca-Cola HBC in Russia since the end of last year. of 2018 it will close 10% of all vacancies. Vacancy in the form of a viral video on the network A popular method, especially for overseas government departments.

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The New Zealand police, which release an announcement about a new set in video format. The video was immeiately title “The Most Exciting C Level Executive List Police Recruiting Video in the World.” Here is a sensational mini-movie about caring New Zealand cops As you can see, the liste modern recruiting methods relate to mass recruitment. But today, as before, the problem of selecting top personnel and finding a reliable method for evaluating narrow specialists is relevant.

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Have trouble hiring financial professionals because they don’t have all the knowlege they nee to identify the right skills in candidates. Our service not only provides an extensive database of financial professionals and managers BJ Leads with proven skills, but also allows hiring specialists to independently assign a test of the necessary hard-skill. Register with the service to get a trial access to Finassessment and get acquainte with its benefits.


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