The Project Was Built Base On The Experience

The second significant difference between our project and such sites is the presence of profiles of candidates who are not looking for work. They test and validate skills for professional development and broadening career prospects. We think, Myth 2 You are a new service. Why should we trust you? Like Yin and Yang, like light and shadow, the first and second myths about Finassessment are inseparable. It is easy to understand our customers’ concern about a new product. Yes, we ourselves like to check 10 times before trusting anything.

We Have Arguments In Defense

Of our reliability Yes, the service is new, but its creators the team of the Aktiv Financial Academy have traine more than one thousand financial specialists in almost 10 years. of the Academy of Finance and a pool of experts in the field of finance Job Function Email Database and management. During this time, we have studie what typical “gaps” of knowlege are inherent in accountants, auditors, economists and managers. We know not only how to identify the missing skills of financial specialists, but also how to pump.

Job Function Email Database

Them With High Quality

Myth 3 It’s difficult to get a complete picture of the professional skills of each employee using tests. Tests make it difficult to get a picture of an employee’s skills Each test is cross-checke by tutors of the Aktiv Financial Academy and other experts in the BJ Leads field of finance. They always contain only up-to-date information in accordance with applicable laws. Once every three months or six months depending on the direction of the tests , they are completely update, in particular due to changes in legislation.