Specialists In Physiognomy And Graphology

Do they work This is doubtful. Nevertheless, they are use by companies, and therefore it is impossible not to talk about them. 1. Stress interview It is generally accepte that in a stressful situation a person drops all masks and shows his true essence. Therefore, non-standard situations are specially create for candidates. For example, someone is force to wait several hours “until the manager is free” to conduct an interview. Or the meeting starts at the appointe time, but instead of standard questions.

The Candidate Is Aske

Why he had a second child and what gender Cheburashka is. In truth, this recruiting technique for the organization is more reminiscent of the once popular MTV music show Boiling Point. They also play with people, testing their patience, but at Fax Lists least 100 dollars were paid for it. 2. Brainteaser interview The purpose of this method is to determine whether the candidate is able to think logically. Candidates are also asked unusual questions during an interview, just like during a stressful interview.

Fax Lists

For Example The Candidate Is Aske

To calculate how many basketballs it will take to fill a hypothetical room, or how to cut a pie into 8 pieces in three steps. Perhaps such an interview will help determine whether a person has creative thinking which is necessary, for example, for the position BJ Leads of a marketer . But a good specialist is unlikely to have a positive opinion about the company that decided to test his competence in this way. Facial expressions and handwriting believe that they can learn about the goals, character and personality type of a person by analyzing how he speaks and how he writes.


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