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Everyone has gadgets and Internet access. But, most importantly, you should not distract your employees to communicate with candidates. Large companies are often in constant search of new specialists. And if there are multiple interviews per day, key people in the company will spend time screening candidates instead of doing their job. The company does not have an employee capable of qualitatively assessing the skills of the applicant.

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Even the chief accountant and financial director cannot always answer questions regarding, for example, the narrow area of ​​​​knowlege of an Buy Bulk SMS Service individual accountant. Thus, HRs and recruiters can go through the entire cycle of hiring a financial specialist, optimizing the time and money to close the vacancy. We talke about 5 main myths that we often hear about the Finassessment service. But if our words are not enough for you and you are use to making sure of everything on your own, use the trial access to the service.

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Of one candidate and order testing of one of his professional skills. 15 Recruiting Problems to Solve in 2018 31.01 2018 To hire the best candidates. You nee to use the latest technologies and innovations. Standard job postings, outdate screening BJ Leads methods, and hackneye interview questions won’t help you find today’s talent. How to improve the recruitment process? See the infographic to find out what problems HR faces in the hiring process and how to solve them.

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