The Programs Of Standard Courses Of The Financial

Testing greatly simplifie the work of organizing and conducting training for professional development and indicate the direction for the subsequent actions of all participants. The expert reviewer recommende paying more attention to workers who did not pass the test limit. And also to update knowlege on accounting policies, organization of workflow, especially in terms of the deadlines for filing tax returns, correcting errors in primary documents. Following the recommendations of the expert, the academy team develope a specialize training program that was aime at eliminating the identifie gaps. Specialists were teste online, the training itself was offline.

The Company’s Management Aske

Of their employees in the learning process. Therefore, the lecturer-expert of the Financial Academy Active went and read the training program on the territory of the company. Final score. Work results Academy Active for students provide for intermeiate and final tests and USA WhatsApp Number List assignments. They help to evaluate the quality of assimilation of the material. For the same purpose, we conducte a final testing of specialists from the finance and accounting department after they complete the training. The tests were identical to those that the specialists passe before the start of training.

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To Ensure Control And Full Immersion

Their results demonstrate the effect that the training produce, namely General training The number of accountants who had an average and higher level of knowlege has increase. So already more than employees gave more than of correct answers. Special training In terms of special training, only instead BJ Leads  of accountants score less than of correct answers. According to the reviewer, the low scores could be the result of the psychological stress of specialists during the knowlege test. Final testing The final testing demonstrate the positive effect of the specialize training, which was achieve due to the comprehensive identification of gaps in the knowlege of specialists through Finassessment.

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