The Lack Of A Cohesive Team

A blinking monitor, a non-working printer, a system that constantly hangs. Non-fulfillment of obligations on material payments Wage arrears and lack of communications important to employees. Why did it happen Will this happen again Paying less salary than the employee expecte without any explanation. Incidents often occur when applying for a job the applicant thinks that the name amount is “in hand, clean”, and the employer means “before taxes”. As a result, the difference can be of the candidate’s initial expectations. With bonuses, the same topic incorrectly explaine at the entrance, an opaque and incomprehensible system of their accruals.

The Employee Feels Cheate

Organizational problems Frequent change of top management and senior staff, staff turnover in the department – it is not clear what goals and priorities will be tomorrow. Prolonge and frequent turbulence takes even the most loyal employees out of the calm zone. “Showcase” and unfair Nigeria WhatsApp Number List layoffs “one day,” without compensation – all this gives people the right to suspect that they can do the same to them. Inspections by government agencies, masks-shows , internal training How to behave if the tax office comes – it creates the impression that the company has big problems.

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The Employer Looks Like A Robber

Why should I, a little man, get involve in them Lack of inspiration and sense of ownership , the systemic effect of rejecting newcomers corporate hazing , an aggressive internal environment between departments, the corporate game “Who is our witch and is to blame for all failures” – this is how to BJ Leads exist in a bank with piranhas. Either you yourself will become the same, or you will not stand it. It would seem reunite! No, it happens that the corporate environment is so saturate with internal competition for resources, the attention of the leader, the right to make decisions and influence, etc. that the newly cohesive group again divides into different subgroups and wars flare up again.

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