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There is no prophet in his own country and suggestions of employees are perceive as “worthless information”. The idea lends itself to merciless criticism with the correction of commas, and is not considere in essence. Surprisingly, some employers manage to turn even well-known labor market experts into a “mongrel dog”. An employee who knows his own worth will resist such an approach, go into conflict. This may create problems with his employment in the future. Unable to realize talent The company refuses modern technologies, employees feel that they are wasting time in vain, losing their skills.

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An employee feels that the number of calls from headhunters has already decrease, and offers from the external market are shrinking. An internal feeling of “out of step Norway WhatsApp Number List with the times” knocks out the soil of loyalty to the company. Excessive expectations from an employee from the series “He is an expert, let him change the system, he will change everything here.” A mandatory accompanying attribute, as a rule, is the deprivation of all powers, resources and the requirement that it is imperative to support the old until the new is implemente.

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A Company For More Than A Year

Overestimation of the human resource, underestimation of the level of internal resistance – all this will do its job sooner or later. And you will again have a new vacancy. Employee talents are use for other purposes involvement in non-core projects, delegation of tasks in which the best qualities cannot BJ Leads manifest themselves, or assignment of low-level cases when the employee feels like a “jaguar in a cage”. Dissonance with personal goals and employee priorities “We ship while it works, it’s broken we’ll find another yes, this is still found in our already, fortunately, changing society.

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