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Nowadays we often talk about a double crisis of paid work. On the one hand it is about the quality of working conditions. Manufactur products and side effects of modern production and on the other about. The decreasing number of jobs as the basic cause of unemployment. In response to the double crisis of paid work various forms of dual economy. Ropos including homework own work neighborly help informal zone which exists alongside paid work. Eugeniusz komicki sylwia malinowska unemployment in the modern world. Are there opportunities for full employment .

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The effects of unemployment in poland and in the world the effects of unemployment can be both negative and positive it all depends on which side of the barricade you stand.  status feeling exclud from society deteriorating relationships with family and lov ones big Interior Designers Service Email List stress risk of social pathologies depression low selfesteem emotional disorders dissatisfaction with life greater susceptibility to illness and suicidal thoughts increase in poverty postponing the decision to start a family higher state spending on fighting unemployment development of the socall gray zone economic emigration loss of skills and qualifications among the unemploy production decline lower revenues to the state budget.

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The case every stick has two ends positive effects of unemployment a positive impact on competitiveness on the labor market candidates are more open to acquiring new skills and ucation greater discipline motivation and commitment of employees  of human Sri Lanka Phone Number resources fight against inflation less pressure to raise wages and weaker dynamics of demand for goods openness to changing industries and thoughtfully setting professional goals shortterm economic migration that stimulates the development of an individual getting to know other cultures learning foreign languages interest in flexible forms of work including volunteering rationalization of employment and improvement of company management efficiency.