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It occurs during a recession when demand for goods and services falls leading to ruc production. Technological unemployment results from technological progress and thus the replacement of human work with machines. It may be permanent structural or temporary frictional.  not have sufficient competences to adapt to the new circumstances. Seasonal unemployment occurs in seasonal work establishments construction agriculture etc. Or among graduates looking for their first job . It may also result from the seasonality of production in some areas of the economy. Unemployment may also be open Register in labor offices or hidden .

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Part time work early retirement etc.. Other types of unemployment include forc and natural voluntary unemployment classic unemployment general and local International Mailing List unemployment apparent unemployment total and partial unemployment. You dont ne to have experience writing a cv. In the livecareer creator you will find readymade content for any industry and position which you can insert in your with one click. Creator . Reasons for unemployment in poland according to data from the central statistical office the unemployment rate in poland in january was . In march this indicator was . And one of the reasons for this state of affairs.

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Unemployment in poland Fewer and fewer main causes

The sarscov pandemic and relat restrictions however it is worth mentioning that according to eurostat which uses a different definition of unemployment Sweden Phone Number this indicator is . And is the lowest in europe. However there are many other causes of unemployment in our country. for employers high taxes and social security contributions which limit the possibility of employing more people lack of professional experience among graduates labor law unfavorable to employers too much competition on the labor market ineffectiveness of labor market institutions social assistance high unemployment.

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