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Ways to deal with unemployment are you unemploy fortunately there is no hopeless situation. At the beginning you should clearly understand the situation you find yourself in. From a psychological perspective according to jahoda and lazarsfeld an unemploy person. Experiences changing emotional states that affect bothand the effectiveness of looking for a new job . These are fear of dismissal mood changes agitation shock after losing a job feeling of injustice and defeat humiliation fear of the future optimism treating the situation as temporary enjoying free time being active believing in success pessimism and resignation negative.

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Emotional reactions increasing health and financial problems fatalism and apathy sense of hopelessness isolation ruction of life expectations and interests. Of course finding employment is easiest in the third phase when the unemploy person believes in an imminent Interior Designers Email List improvement in their fate. But no matter what phase you are currently in you can take steps to improve your situation.  at the employment office as unemploy you can do it conveniently online. Thanks to this in the future you will be able to receive a benefit that will allow you to survive the most difficult period. Moreover it is possible that after some time you will be assign to an internship b

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The employment office this way you will avoid stagnation gain new experience for your and earn some money. The next step should be to actively and persistently Sri Lanka WhatsApp Number look for the job you want . To do this analyze your strengths and weaknesses previous experience and professional achievements . Think about your professional goal what you would like to do and why. a professional and answer recruitment questions . Its best if you treat your job search in the same way as work your main activity during the day. Use professional job search engines and always adapt your and cover letter to the requirements of a given employer more tips on this subject can be found in our guide how to write a . This will significantly increase your chances of success.

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