The Concept Of Professional Suitability

And a person who pulle half a year ago, today may be completely out of work. Important yesterday’s skills are not a guarantee of today’s work! Practice . is now perceive very painfully, almost all industries are in a state of change. If just a year ago a person was professionally fit, this does not mean at all that today the situation will remain the same. This is especially painful for people over the age of 40-45, who are driven by the younger generation. Practice A classic example from my practice is the case of a woman from an industry where this situation was not expecte at all.

A Typical Representative

The chief accountant of a small company, came to Anti-Slavery. More precisely, in fact, it was a scattering of several small business companies unite by one founder. At some point, it happene that the form of reporting and tax Dominican Republic WhatsApp Number List requirements change, and the accountant did not respond to this in time. The company receive a fine, and the owner immeiately change the student of our courses to a person who owns more modern systems, and then completely tie the whole thing to the accounting service Button.

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Of The Sphere Of Finance And Accounting

In general, he fire the old employee, while saving almost a third on the salary of the new one. The most revealing story of the mismatch of competencies and time. At the same time, the student worke in her company as an accountant BJ Leads for six years. And there were no problems until then. She, of course, was ready to finish her studies, but the owner bluntly state that he was not going to waste time on her studies, since the market is full of specialists who have long known and been able to do everything.


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