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Customer anniversary emails do the same and are a great chance to show your appreciation and maybe even give out loyalty rewards. These emails can always be enhanc with a dash of humor. Wemos simple but lightheart play on words keeps the good vibes flowing. It’s not over-the-top hilarious but the combination of thoughtfulness and positivity serves as a way to strengthen customer relationships without feeling salesy. Wemo anniversary email example: outdoor voices offers a gift not just for birthdays but for half-birthdays with a discount deliver in a silly and sweet way. No one expects a half-birthday gift which makes this a great opportunity for that covet surprise and delight moment. 5. Warm them up for product and feback emails.

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You want customers to be in a really good mood before you ask them to leave a review on a recent purchase right? What better way than to make them laugh? Patagonia does it quite well with nothing but a little girl and a funny-looking mustache! Sometimes you don’t ne to overthink adding humor. If an image like this makes business email list you laugh it might make your subscribers laugh too. Patagonia’s funny email showing a little girl with a mustache playing cards against humanity is the gold standard for hilarious product updates in e-commerce. Often tim around black friday they frequently release products that don’t exist or ones design to elicit a laugh.

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This one satirizes scandinavian minimalism: funny black friday email 6. Send a lightheart newsletter. When humor is at the core of a brand’s voice funny email newsletters are the perfect time to put it on display. The award-winning and often hilarious newsletter BJ Leads from phrase consistently delivers (they’ve got jokes). Here’s a sample from a 2019 email that’s chock full of seinfeld references and gifs. Phrase-seinfeld-them newsletter: this email from chubby is all one text thread between two hypothetical office workers about sending this week’s newsletter.


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