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This is where you can pull out self-deprecating humor that makes you seem more relatable and trustworthy because it shows you’re willing to laugh at yourself. Rather than pretending a mistake didn’t happen it’s generally best to send a correction especially if you’re fixing an incorrect link or another minor issue. Just be sure you don’t downplay mistakes that frustrate customers. When meundies website went down after a line of star wars briefs went viral they took the opportunity to make fun of themselves and crack a few star wars jokes. Subject line: the death star crash our site… But we fix it.

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This apology email from theskimm is super quick and to the point and has a self-deprecating tone that matches their hey bestie branding. Oops email from skimming when you make a mistake in an email it’s not the end of the world even if it feels like it. In fact apology emails tend to get more engagement than regular emails (chalk that one up b2b leads to schadenfreude). This apology email from tour company devour paris makes a lightheart joke about their mistake and reiterates the correct dates quickly and clearly. Devour oops email 3. Stand out with abandon cart emails. Remember email marketing nes to stand out. Abandon cart emails ne to do this more than almost anything because a complet sale is still within your grasp.

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This is your last chance to convince a customer to make a purchase. Humor can be the element that tips someone from saying “nah idont ne it to you know ow what?do want this. So find a way to make this email a little more creative. Here’s one from food52 that makes use of a popular joke format on social mia and humanizes the online cart. Food52 has a cart call email and another one that makes light of BJ Leads the subscriber procrastinating on making a purchase. Casper the mattress company brings in a relevant joke for this abandon cart email. 4. Make them smile for birthday and anniversary emails. Recognizing someone’s birthday for certain types of businesses shows you pay attention to your subscribers and want them to keep coming back.


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