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It’s a very relatable and funny read for anyone in email marketing but it still gets the point across about their new corduroy shorts. Chubbies email newsletter: remember that with humor you don’t want the jokes to be so funny that subscribers remember the jokes but forget the company or the deal that was offer. This is a major failure in many super bowl commercials. Don’t sacrifice clarity for comy especially in a newsletter promoting upcoming discounts new products or otherwise serving the bottom of the funnel. 7. Use laughter to encourage reactivation and re-engagement emails; here again getting attention is key. 

Inappropriate Language Make

This is your attempt to re-engage subscribers who haven’t open any emails for an extend period of time. Be funny and you’re more likely to catch them. Here’s a great reactivation email sent out business lead around halloween from blue apron. The image is funny and the copy adheres to the same theme and offers a discount for coming back. Subject line: forget the candy; this deal is the sweetest one yet! Blue apron email with gravestone cookies: this re-engagement email from airbnb reintroduces the brand and pulls you right in from the subject line: what’s new? Oh only everything.

Blocklist Before Sending

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 Add humor to promotional emails to close the sale. For discounts and promotional emails it’s always good to have a reason for it. If you can use some humor to explain BJ Leads that reason all the better. Sales emails don’t have to be boring! Here’s an example of this from everlane: there’s a little bit of sarcasm in this email promoting a sale on summer denim shorts. Subject line: your butt has summer plans. Everlane summer butt email sarcasm can be misread if you don’t do it well especially in writing. So use it sparingly and test the email on a few coworkers to make sure it comes across clearly.


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