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Depending on your brand’s personality you can add humor to plenty of types of emails. Here are eight situations where humor can make a great impression: 1. Set the tone with funny welcome emails. If you have a quirky or silly brand a little humor in your welcome email can help set the tone for your subscriber relationship. This is a great spot to be more casual and inviting in your copywriting and design. After all this is the very first email a subscriber will receive from you so it’s a blank slate. Here’s an example of a funny welcome email from magic sniff.

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People buying cereal online aren’t expecting 400 words from a welcome email. Magic snack keeps it brief throws in a good pun that also reminds them of a core product benefit and uses other fun and upbeat language. Funny welcome email example: this email from b2b email list chipotle which came with the subject line the best tasting email you’ll receive is another example of a lightheart but clear welcome email. Like most welcome emails they include a thank you and a promise of what kinds of emails the subscriber is likely to receive.

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This one was for a chipotle rewards program. Underwear brand mack weldon uses a great mix of humor and sincerity. They start with a sarcastic you don’t have to read this which naturally makes you want to keep reading and finish with a sincere thank you for subscribing and supporting their business. Mack wheldon’s funny email copy. Take a look at our free BJ Leads email templates if you’re looking for more welcome email inspiration. 2. Soften the blow for apology and oops emails. If you’ve sent out an email with a typo incorrect link or other oops. It’s an ideal time to poke fun at your brand. And make it the butt of the joke. of course these rarely happen to email on acid users.


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