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You can refer to the Instruction, which reveals the main job responsibilities, as well as qualification requirements, develop a questionnaire, taking into account the specifics of the enterprise, and apply it at the interview. But, since the recruiter is not an accounting specialist, the answers to the questions will be of a formal nature and may lead you down the wrong path. moving on We move on. Once a candidate is selecte, they are place on probation. a notification of a fine from regulatory authorities for unpaid taxes and delaye reporting. And then it turns out that the chief accountant did not even know that the deadlines for paying taxes and filing reports had change five months ago.

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The veils have been torn off – the chosen candidate turne out to be. A low-skille specialist with well-hone self-presentation skills. But, time is lost, money is spent, the nee for Sri Lanka WhatsApp Number List the qualification of the chief accountant on the part of the employer is not satisfie and the search must continue. Of course, in addition to professional eucation and competencies hard skills for the position of chief accountant, personal qualities and social skills soft skills , such as communication and management skills, are very important. But for the company, hard skills still remain a priority.

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To The Old Memory And The Old Deadlines

Here comes the questions How can an HR manager protect himself even at the stage. Of selecting a resume How to achieve the maximum KPI when closing a vacancy Optimally. If it is not possible to attract an expert at the resume selection stage. It is worth using high-quality professional testing services for BJ Leads competencies skills. Which themselves have enough competencies to test specialists in certain professional skills. CV In turn, it is high time for job seekers to stop writing lists of personal qualities. On their resumes that they think will get them a job. It is better to focus on measurable examples that. Can best demonstrate professional knowlege, skills and competencies.


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