Automation Allows The Hr Manager To Drop

Recruiting portal HeadHunter has launche a smart search that is able to select relevant candidates for a position in social networks. On the other hand, Google decide to enter the recruitment market and announce in May the launch of Google for Jobs, a job search service. Google CEO Sundar Pichai says that this system will not only give out vacancies suitable for the request, but also offer the applicant additional options and intersections in companies that could also be suitable for them. What should an HR manager do now What should an HR manager do now The emergence of robots and programs for recruiting has a big undeniable plus – they free up a lot of time.

Automation Will Allow The Hr Manager

Take on more global tasks, for example, setting up a motivation system in the company or organizing staff development. Everything that is tie to close interaction and communication with people remains in the power of the HR manager. So, it is worth taking up the development of emotional intelligence, for example Master the methods and techniques of negotiation The HR manager is the link between the Sweden WhatsApp Number List company and the “outside world”. Dozens of people go through it and often the quality of communication with the applicant becomes more important than the result itself. The impression of a specialist after an interview can directly or indirectly affect the company’s image.

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To Drop Some Of The Routine Work

It is not for nothing that sites with a black list of employers are so popular, where they describe in all colors the “charms” of interviews and work in companies. some of the routine work and take on more global tasks, for example, setting up a motivation system in the company. Learn to recognize BJ Leads and repel manipulation The larger the team, the more difficult it is to capture the mood inside and determine the tone of communication and news reporting. On duty, an HR manager nees to communicate with all members of the team, always be on the alert and know who is who. Often, HR managers are given the role of “the voice of the people” in dealing with management issues.


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