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Or better yet use the sarcasm emoji: when you use something like sarcasm don’t be afraid to call it out or make it more clear with a roll eyes emoji a line about reverse psychology or even a parenthetical clarifying that you’re being sarcastic. This st. Patrick’s day-them email from harry’s embs a funny video as the anchor for their campaign advertising shaving ahead of st. Patrick’s day festivities. The email leads with what sounds like something serious about food waste. Until it devolves into a joke about mustaches: harry’s funny st. Paddy’s email not-so-good times for funny email marketing while humor can be a great way to build a relationship with your subscriber stand out in the inbox and bring a little joy to people’s days there are a few instances for your email campaigns when adding humor doesn’t make sense.

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Generally you should avoid using humor in these and similar situations: transactional emails like receipts shipping notices and password resets; customer business database service emails delivering sensitive news like a price increase product recall or somber holidays in response to serious company or global events. In these situations subscribers just want emails to be sincere honest and to the point. And if a customer is frustrat the last thing they want is for you to make light of it which humor tends to do.

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They don’t want to laugh. They want solutions. Similarly it shouldn’t ne to be said but it’s never okay to make a joke at the expense of a particular group of people. There’s absolutely no case where a joke about race gender sexuality or disability will be funny and if anything it will cause you to lose subscribers and damage your brand’s reputation. If you’re not sure if a particular joke might be BJ Leads offensive it’s probably best to leave it out. That said humor can be a great tool for your brand. Done right humor is usually worth the risk because it gets attention builds trust and deepens connection. Start small. Try out a few jokes and puns and a/b test funny emails against humorless versions to find out how they perform with your list.


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