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The company’s management decide to identify the reasons for this in order to eliminate them in the future. So it was decide to check the qualification level of employees of the accounting and finance department of all the company’s branches. The check was carrie out with the help of an independent profile testing service – Finassessment. The result was the identification of low-competence employees. data at its disposal, which helpe to choose further solutions – organize training for staff, take on personnel changes, or leave everything as it is. The importance of setting goals and the rules for their formulation Proper goal setting is the foundation of the effectiveness of any process. Without a clear formulation of them, the personnel training system loses all meaning.

The Goals May Depend On The Category

The financial capabilities of the company, or specific strategic objectives. personnel training at the enterprise If we talk about the rules for formulating goals, then here you can be guide by SMART criteria. This abbreviation is forme from the first letters of five English words specific specific measurable Taiwan WhatsApp Number List achievable attainable significant relevant corresponding to a specific period time-bounde . Smart goals should be specific, measurable, achievable, meaningful and time bound. Once the goals are define, it is necessary to procee to the choice of means to achieve them. Learning formats advantages and disadvantages Quite often, the manager is face with the question of choosing an effective training format.

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Of Employees Whose Training Is Planne

It should be conveniently combine with the work scheule of employees, the current level of their professional skills and abilities. The following forms of training are use for advance training offline online remote blende learning personnel training system Offline format This form of teaching involves direct contact between the teacher and the audience. Often it is perceive as a force measure an employee nees to be torn off from BJ Leads his place of work, adjust his work scheule to the scheule of classes. Among the advantages of the offline format, one can single out the acquaintance of listeners with the lecturer, as well as the possibility of obtaining personal additional clarifications on issues of interest.


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