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Therefore, understanding what a “valuable action” would be is a very important part here. It can vary according to the specific objectives of a Marketing strategy and also the stage of the sales funnel ! Depending on the context, then, a relevant action might be: Registering to receive a newsletter; Downloading material; Registration on a waiting list; The quote request; Purchasing a product… There are many alternatives! From a business perspective, conversions are extremely strategic , because they show that the user chose, of their own free will, to provide some data to your company.

Conversion often involves recording a

And that has a lot of value, you know? Types of conversion in Digital Marketing To assess the quality of conversion rates , you must know Latest database  the different types of action that can be relevant in a Digital Marketing strategy: Sales : most classic type of conversion, where a lead becomes a customer when purchasing a product or service ; Leads : conversion often involves recording a visitor’s contact information, such as name, email or telephone number, for later use in Marketing and sales strategies ; Downloads : in some situations, conversion can happen when a visitor or lead downloads an e-book, spreadsheet, or other resource; Signups.

The conversion rate is a key indicator that

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Conversion may also involve signing up for a newsletter, webinar, online course, or other content format; Click on ads : In online advertising campaigns via Google Ads , for example, conversion can happen when a user clicks  BJ Leads on an ad to obtain more information. Tip: Digital Marketing Ads: discover the 6 most us types! What is conversion rate and how to calculate it? The conversion rate is a key indicator that measures the success of a Digital Marketing and sales strategy by representing the percentage of visitors who perform the


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