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 I lost track of time, you did it easily and with a big heart. You will be successful as a blogger when you write and deal specifically with these matters of your heart. Your Finnish upbringing has perhaps convinced you that work or serious activity should not be so easy. Boot! Just follow the activities of people who have clearly found their element.crystallize a set of choices, which I call the Heart’s strategy. The heart strategy has two complementary sides. The heart tells about intuition, inspiration and feeling. Strategy tells about decisions, courage and consistency.

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Both sides are equally important. 3 guiding principles on your journey to become latest database a successful blogger You might think that an iron-clad time management would be the right solution. There are many tools for managing time use, but the keys to the solution lie in your energy economy. and where are your biggest energy drains? In what ways do you release the energy you need? Your achievements depend on the quantity and quality of your available energy.

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Fear and the feeling of inadequacy can sometimes take you like a ram on a string. Then it’s good to remember that a clear strategy is the key to success in any industry. If you try to write something about everything and everyone, the end result is easily that you write nothing about anything for anyone. Rising with your strengths – You are already there! By investing in your existing strengths, you can get, be and BJ Leads do what you really want. Strengths give a boost to blogging, by striving and copying others, you only achieve. Of course, you should be aware of critical weaknesses, but don’t sacrifice effort on them.

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